Session 3 – The Healthy Leader

Christy – “Your first assignment, other than reading, is that I want to hear from each of …



    1. “Your first assignment, other than reading, is that I want to hear from each of you on what you really want to glean from this time! What are some questions that you specifically have? Please email those to Karen Isbell at as soon as possible.
    2. Reading assignments & journaling – (please read by November 14th)
    3. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of “Abiding in Christ” – journal through either one “misconception” or at least one new aspect of abiding in Christ that you gleaned from these chapters.
      Chapter 1 of The Pursuit of God – journal through the ways that you have felt the pursuit of God leading up to your Worship Circle journey. See if you can begin to identify a specific area where He is drawing you nearer to Him. Is there any part of your heart that is not totally surrendered to Him? “


    1. “Read Chapters 1 – 6 and be ready to discuss The God You Can Know of “The Good and Beautiful God”. Pay attention and put into practice the “Sleep” assignment and the “Five Minutes of Silence and Awareness of Creation” assignment. Journal your thoughts and be prepared to share.
    2. Upload a video of you leading”

    Paul –  Read first 3 chapters of Worship Matters; Read The Pursuit of God, slowly.
    Jeremy – First 4 chapters of The Pursuit of God
    Meredith –  Read: Read Practicing the Presence of God (finish by January 17th)
    Kim –  Read: Dream Giver (finish by January 17th)
    Everyone – Upload a video

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